Small Renovations for Your Bath

One of the challenges in living in a small home is there’s less space. There’s not enough room for the usual things, and we need to adapt to make sure of what little is available. With that in mind, are there ways to make the most of the space that is available?


Fortunately, there are many ways available to maximise the space. They might not always come to mind, but the methods I outline here can help make even small bathrooms feel bigger.


One space-saving adjustment is to use a shower curtain. For small bathroom renovations Perth, it is best to use a curtain. The back and forth movement saves space against a door that moves in and out. Sliding doors can also save space in this way.


A pedestal sink can be disruptive. Instead, consider using a corner sink.


Placing a corner sink across from the toilet is a better place if your pipes allow it. Don’t set it across the shower, because that can make it awkward to walk around the sink when you get in or out.


Try to float the vanity if you’re already trying to float the sink.


This is an excellent way to give the illusion of having more space. It also means that you can store small items in that gap between the vanity and the floor if you’re so inclined. This virtual storage space can be used for all sorts of things you only rarely use.


Round out your corners, particularly for sinks and vanities.


Sharp or hard corners are hazards for the hips or other areas. Round them out, giving the bathroom a sense of having a little more space. At the same time, you’re not risking getting cut.


If you want to create a stronger illusion of space, use a wide pattern. A single strip along a wall, for example, can give the impression of their being more room in the compact dimensions. It’s a great way to make a bathroom more comfortable without tearing down walls.


Expanded mirrors are also an excellent way to give the impression of more space. This trick is especially useful if you position two mirrors on opposite sides.


This causes the light between them to be repeatedly reflected, creating the feeling that space has more depth than there is. This can be very comforting if your bathroom isn’t so small that the illusion shatters when someone moves.

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