Work Stretches You Can Try

Office workers don’t always get all the stretching and exercise they need. More often than not, they’re seated most of the time. They don’t get to walk around much, which can cause various problems. In most, the muscles lose flexibility due to lack of use.


Fortunately, not all exercise needs a gym. One way to lessen the problems caused by sitting all day in an office environment is to do some stretching. This doesn’t require too much space and can be done inside a cubicle for a quick break.


Here are a few ideas, recommended by physiotherapists. You can click for more about the practice and its benefits.


Chest stretches are a good choice. Stand by a doorway with one arm up and lunge forward. That’s it. With this, you can reduce the pressure on next joints caused by slouching or the way shoulders lurch forward as you work.


Stretching the neck also works well.


These should be done gently. Side-bend the ear in the direction of the shoulder for the first one. The second is a rotation of the head, tucking the chin and look into the underarm area. It’s best to hold each one for about twenty seconds and repeat twice.


Another option is to go with the archer stretch.


This is useful for the spine. It begins with you lying on your side. Let the hips roll back, pulling in a motion that is very much like a bow and arrow as you rotate the upper half of the body. Only got as long as you’re comfortable because pushing into pain can damage your muscles.


There’s also the towel stretch. This one is an excellent way to improve the middle of the spine, improving flexibility.


This area of the spine can stiffen up when you’re in a slumped position. How do you get into that? Well, you sit too long, and it just happens. This stretch, done a few times a week, can prevent this from becoming a problem.


Roll up the towel a little bit and place it across the middle of the back. Life over the top of it for a minute, then move the towel a little higher. Repeat this enough times to work on a section of the back.


All of these are simple stretches that can be done in the office or at home. These can be a great help to people who don’t have the time for more strenuous exercise.

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